2. September 2010

Wappwolf - A new startup ready to start up

As you know I am working with startups in the seed phase focussing on disruptive business models using state-of-the-art technology with my personal aim to make them huge and worldwide successful.

So, it is really a pleasure to be part of the wappwolf team, responsible for vision and helping with social media activities and my personal network.

Wappwolf will launch at demo conference in Silicon Valley and start its business worldwide. By the way, Wappwolf is the only startup from Austria this time.

So, if you are an application developer out there, make sure to become part of this new wave of connecting apps to a flow. You can earn real money with your app, and the sooner you are on wappwolf the better it is for you.

If you are a user of applications in your company you maybe are struggling with software tools from several providers. It would make sense to check out wappwolf from time to time if there is a solution for you. And of course, you should tell your software providers about wappwolf. They will be happy about that.

If you are a private user, wappwolf can be useful, too. You will be able to use many apps free of charge.

So, stay tuned. Follow wappwolf on twitter and become fan on facebook.
And also have a look at the videos on youtube, like the recent one.

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