16. September 2010

Wappwolf in Silicon Valley Sucessful

I am writing this blog still being in Santa Clara where yesterday and the day before the DEMO conference took place. It was a really great event with about 60 companies pitching in just 6 minutes each, with a pavilion full of booths of those companies.
The media coverage and the talks with interesting people was really awesome.

I was 'running with the wolf pack' of wappwolf. Mike Eisler, CEO of wappwolf (he now calls himself 'iSler') did a professional presentation. wappwolf launched the product and showed how easy it is to generate workflows for document handling. You can see some results on JohnnyTheDoc's facebook site: After taken a picture this document was dropped to the workflow where wappwolf's logo was stamped by the first application. The second application put the text 'DEMO Fall 2010' in the middle of the picture and the third application put it to JohnnyTheDoc's facebook site. This is just an example. Many others will follow in the next weeks and months.
Harald Weiss, CFO of wappwolf did also a great job with assisting on the stage, with preparation work and with social media activities. Look at twitter and you will see!
When we come home to Austria we will think over the next steps to go, will try to contact all the companies to join the DEMO network and hand over our experience to other start ups.

If you want to get some more impressions you also can look at my site on facebook and on my twitter stream.

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