17. Mai 2016

Let's overcome barriers

have you ever thought about barriers?

they are everywhere:

  • national barriers: I understand that for historical reasons there are nations. But I do not want that to be a reason for not helping each other when coming from different countries. And I do not accept that legal systems have to be so complicated and different. Come on: we are all humans!
  • cultural barriers: people do not understand each other because they think they are so much different from each other. I respect each culture. If I do not understand, I want to learn! If I understand everything, I am dead: That's my definition of my personal death: To have understood everything. That means for me, that many people are already dead; they are zombies.
  • language barriers: we are used to different languages. So, we do not understand when talking. But there are other options: love and music, just to give examples. These are common 'languages'
  • organisational barriers: I am now more than 50 years on this earth and I do not understand why there are so many templates, formulas, restrictions, procedures, organisations, processes without any freedom to follow. For me this is the opposite of dynamics. 
  • brain barriers: I understand that each individual is unique. And I understand that we all have our limits to think and understand. But that is no reason to fight against each other!
  • technology barriers: the best example i 'love' is roaming. Why should I pay much more if we just crossed a national border? Try to explain that to children. They would not understand. And they are right! 

The next evolution of mankind is to understand that barriers and borders are tools and methods to prohibit development, to neglect human rights, to hinder innovation.
So, let's help together to overcome this!