9. Oktober 2011

Silicon Valley

I have been in Silicon Valley last week and will stay another week. I am with xScited, a platform for matching resources to demands of research projects. xScited is part of the Go Silicon Valley program of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. We are based in Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale
In the first week we had a course on several topics: how to pitch, pitching ourselves, juridical topics, some discussions how the venture capital market is functioning, etc. If you are new, this is really Silicon Valley in a nutshell, if you are experienced then this is already clear to you.
One major activity is networking. It is really great to get into contact with many people very easy, they are used to give you hints and help you on your way.
I also did some preparation before i was coming to Silicon Valley. I let my networks know that i am here. So, I met a guy I never met before. we were only linked at linkedIn. And he brought another guy with him. Really great.
Next week we will have additional meetings.
How do we know from such meetings? We check out eventbrite, plancast and meetup. There are also apps available, by the way. And of course Michael Lipper from Wappwolf, who is already here since beginning of September has already established excellent contacts including contacts to Mozilla, German American Business Association and others.
When Josef Schodl of xScited is coming next week he will take over and become part of our network, too.