28. Februar 2011


To all supporters of startups out there!

You know that startups always have problems to get money.
  • they have not enough money themselve
  • they already invested fff-money (family, friends, and fools)
  • they are discussing with banks - all the time - OK. no comment on that
  • they try to get support from government - OK. very formal. very complicated. very late.
So, what else?
  • business angels - OK. I am one of them, but i do not have enough money, either.
  • venture capitalists - well, you have to go to US or to London, but forget (at the moment) Central Europe

OK. One option is valid: crowd funding. LIVE crowd funding.

go for it! this week! in Germany: www.seedlounge.com.

it's time to support our future!


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